Located in the center of Valle de Bravo, the Hotel Batucada is a gorgeous oasis
of relaxation with a uniquely refined atmosphere and an immediate sense of
comfort. This hotel is particular in its genre and rare in its history; it is an antique colonial house of the 18th century that, after a lengthy restoration process,
opens its doors to the world to reveal its spacious suites, luscious patios and
breezy terraces.
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      two views of the entry hall that leads to the reception and the restaurant and welcomes you as it opens into a warm and peaceful central patio.

  a view of the courtyard and a look at the antique house that now is the Hotel Batucada, as seen from the characteristic street.    

     the central patio is enveloped by a sunny terrace, adorned by numerous plants and flowers
in typical mexican style pots, that provides
access to the rooms.

a tranquil terrace, caressed by a subtle
breeze... an ideal spot to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with the good company of
friends or family, or a good book.

     every little detail in the hotel is taken care of to ensure a relaxing and delightful stay.

two of the suites. here in the Hotel Batucada
you will be distinguished through a series
of details with which we compliment
or guests, as well as being offered a variety
of complimentary services and commodities
to ensure a comfortable stay.

     each of the rooms is exquisitely and individually decorated to accentuate architectural aspects and showcase the fine mexican artistry of the decor, thus creating the easy ambiance of exclusivity the Hotel Batucada is renown for.