Our restaurant will be sure to entice all most refined gourmands,
with its impeccable service and an enticing menu that changes
along with the seasons. Always fresh, our succulent delicacies
of modern haute cuisine are exclusively prepared by our chef with characteristic products of the region to delight your palate and satisfy your appetite
for superior dining.
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      the indoors part of the restaurant offers a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere, apt for all occasions. a fine, intimate dinner as well as a
get-together among family and friends finds
a perfect setting here.

      the restaurant is located partly in the calm central patio of the house and partly indoors. the fine dining experience is multiplied as all senses are stirred in the outdoors section, with is antique fountain and innumerable plants and flowers that enrich and adorn.

      the inside of the restaurant seduces the eyes, while a delicious duck roast delights the palate.    

      two delicious creations of our chef, a tasty prawn salad and a revisited regional classic: river trout with black butter and almonds.